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Nexxen Q1 2024 IR Newsletter

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Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to share the Q1 2024 edition of the Nexxen IR Newsletter.

We stayed busy in Q1, boosting our industry, customer and investor awareness through the now completed rebrand to Nexxen. We also continued to enhance and expand our partnerships, capabilities, offerings and data footprint, strongly positioning Nexxen to grow its market share and solidify a leadership spot in the video and TV ad tech space.

In January, we officially changed our name from Tremor International to Nexxen. In connection with the new name, we changed our tickers in both the U.S. and U.K. markets from “TRMR” to “NEXN” and updated our brand assets, presentation materials and corporate / investor relations websites. We also celebrated our rebranding by participating in Nasdaq’s Closing Bell Ceremony on February 28th, alongside our employees, clients and partners.

In February, we strengthened our strategic partnership with TCL FFALCON (“TCL”), to include exclusively selling TCL’s native display inventory as a preferred supply partner. By expanding our offering beyond access to CTV and OTT supply in the TCL channel, Nexxen now offers customers broader reach across a significant and growing number of TV screens with flexibility across formats to enhance overall advertising outcomes.

After entering into a favorable settlement agreement and multi-year strategic partnership with Alphonso and LG Electronics Inc. (“LG”) in February, we can confidently say that we have strong relationships with all the world’s major CTV OEMs, reflecting an incredibly powerful value proposition for our customers within the TV advertising ecosystem. The settlement included a cash component, and through the strategic partnership, we gained important access that allows us to monetize some of LG’s premium CTV inventory. Alphonso will also leverage Nexxen’s data-driven discovery and segmentation tools to enhance advertiser and partner engagement on LG’s media properties. This is an exciting partnership for Nexxen that may lead to future opportunities and reflects a new multi-year Contribution ex-TAC stream that didn’t previously exist, making us confident we can generate increased growth in 2024 (and beyond).

Our TV Intelligence offering also significantly improved during Q1 through a new exclusive partnership with PeerLogix, which enables Nexxen and its customers to gain access to scaled premium on-the-go-streaming data from platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ on mobile devices and tablets. As viewing preferences continue to evolve, consumers are increasingly seeking flexibility to stream across several devices. Against this backdrop, we believe this partnership, in connection with our other TV and streaming data partnerships, positions us strongly to provide a holistic view of the streaming ecosystem. Additionally, it improves our customers’ ability to target audiences regardless of where they stream, enabling expanded reach, and enhancing their efficiency, effectiveness and returns. As a reminder, our TV Intelligence solution is an expansive dataset that includes access to set-top box, traditional television, automatic content recognition (“ACR”), on-the-go streaming and cross-screen panel data that currently provides insights into TV and streaming viewership data across roughly 50 million households in the U.S. alone. This solution further differentiates our platform, providing our advertiser and agency customers access to critical scaled data necessary to optimize streaming and TV planning, targeting and measurement.

Because of the fast-growing reach and scale of VIDAA (the primary CTV operating system and streaming platform for Hisense smart TVs) and its parent company Hisense, we were recently able to more widely expand our TV Intelligence offering internationally. In Q4 2023 we announced the initial launch of our TV Intelligence offering in the U.K., which generated additional momentum in Q1 2024. We expect to launch our TV Intelligence offering in other major international markets later in 2024 while also seeking to further expand customer adoption in the U.S. and U.K. In 2023, Hisense was the fastest-growing smart TV brand globally and the second largest in terms of overall global distribution, significantly expanding the reach of VIDAA. At the end of 2023, VIDAA’s reach crossed over 25 million CTVs globally and has already surpassed over 27 million to this point in 2024. VIDAA recently indicated it expects to expand its global reach to over 30 million CTVs by the summer of 2024. If advertisers and agencies want to leverage VIDAA’s fast-growing scaled ACR dataset for CTV targeting and measurement, access can only be granted through Nexxen, as a result of our investment in VIDAA, which gave us (amongst other things) global ACR data exclusivity on VIDAA-powered TVs, reflecting a major advantage and differentiator for our Company. We continue to expect our global ACR data exclusivity with VIDAA will result in strong ongoing monetization opportunities for Nexxen both through attracting advertisers and agencies to our platform via our TV Intelligence solution and potential data licensing agreements.

After launching a new $20 million Ordinary share repurchase program in late Q4 2023, on March 15th we announced that we’re seeking authorization to launch an additional $50 million Ordinary share repurchase program, which would begin in early May (assuming the receipt of consent from our bank lenders and no objections during the mandatory creditor objection period). For perspective, assuming we receive approval to launch the new $50 million program, by November 2024 we will be on track to have invested ~$165 million in share repurchase programs since March 1, 2022. If our shares continue to trade at prices our Board of Directors believe are below fair value and if the Company remains cash generative (as is currently anticipated), we will consider launching additional share buyback programs in the future. Based on its faith in the Company’s long-term growth prospects, it is the Board's opinion that buying shares at (or around) these valuation levels can generate significant long-term value for the Company and its shareholders.

Following a difficult (but necessary and transformative) year in 2023 in which we laid a strong foundation to build upon, we exited Q1 2024 with the most optimism we’ve had in our growth prospects for some time. For multiple reasons, we believe that Nexxen is in a much better strategic position this year than last year: We completed our rebrand; completed the integration of Amobee (allowing more focus and resources to be dedicated to sales and innovation as opposed to integration); enhanced our sales and marketing teams; and substantially improved our tech platform, arming it with advanced self-service DSP and TV planning capabilities, robust, unique and exclusive data and timely new in-demand products like Nexxen Discovery. These factors, combined with our accomplishments in Q1, and our belief that macro headwinds which plagued our customers and business in 2022 and 2023 are showing signs of reversing to become tailwinds, put us in a strong position to grow our market share by attracting new customers and increasing spending levels and product adoption with existing customers.

We’ve created a strong foundation for growth and success in 2024 and onwards, and we’re excited to continue working hard to benefit our customers and shareholders.

As always, we want to thank our investors, customers and employees for their continuous support, and we hope you find this newsletter helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, or if you’re interested in connecting with the investor relations team or Company management, please reach out to

Please also feel free to sign up for email alerts regarding important news, filings or upcoming events on the bottom of our investor relations website homepage at

Thank you!

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Nexxen DSP Enhancements

During Q1 2024, we continued to improve user experience, workflows, and pricing efficiencies for our DSP customers:

  • Streamlining the user experience by enhancing the Performance Flyout panel and updating line-item fields.
  • Improving performance for Enterprise Display campaigns with action and click goals to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) for clients.
  • Integrating Criteo commerce grid into the DSP to bolster our supply footprint for advertisers.

Driving Incremental Value for Customers Through Data, Exclusive Partnerships, and Compelling Narratives

We invested in combining our data and supply assets to provide our clients with compelling portfolio options to meet their business needs. Additionally, we rolled out our “Identity Resolution” narrative to educate and prepare clients for the upcoming deprecation of 3rd party cookies, and we bolstered our TV Intelligence data set and reporting capabilities.

  • Expanded our TCL FFalcon partnership which:
    • Makes Nexxen the exclusive seller of TCL’s Smart TV Native Display unit in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia.
    • Names Nexxen SSP as TCL FFALCON’s Preferred Supply Platform Partner. This partnership supports our commitment to providing advertisers with opportunities to reach highly engaged audiences across screens globally.
  • Released our Identity Resolution narrative to educate and prepare clients for the upcoming deprecation of 3rd party cookies. Our agnostic approach to Identity, and diverse portfolio of solutions, will help our clients navigate impending changes, execute addressable campaigns and future-proof their businesses.

Enhanced our TV Intelligence solution for clients via the following:

  • As of January 1, 2024, we became the exclusive provider of unrestricted streaming viewership data across digital devices in the U.S. from PeerLogix, further strengthening our offering in market.
  • Integrated U.K. linear ads and programmed VIDAA ACR data into Nexxen Discovery for audience insights and activation to bolster our data source internationally.
  • Expanded 3P Cross-Platform Measurement in the U.K. which offers comprehensive analytics around cross-screen impact, incremental reach, and demographic insights.

Nexxen SSP and Nexxen Ad Server Enhancements 

In Q1, we made a variety of enhancements to both the SSP and the Ad Server, including efforts around our capabilities to prepare for a cookieless future. Nexxen SSP was chosen to participate in Google’s Privacy Sandbox Protected Audiences beta. This beta kicked off in January with several publisher beta testers and will continue through June. Additional first quarter feature releases included:

  • Enhancements for syncing with Google DV360 provide our publishers with more visibility on the DV360 marketplace for increased monetization of their inventory as well as increasing ease-of-use and flexibility:
    • A Marketplace Sync feature allows CTRL publishers to sync deals - complete with custom logos - directly with the DV360 Marketplace for any advertiser to use. (Previously, users could only sync deals with specific DV360 buyers.) In addition, publishers can now Edit After Syncing from a non-preferred single buyer to a non-preferred multi-buyer (or vice versa) Deal Type and CTRL deals will now be synced directly to DV360 Marketplace’s “Connected TV” section.
  • SSP: PAD Deal Agreement Enhancements
    • Two phases of enhancements in our Exchange will allow users to save time and increase ease-of use when inputting PAD Agreements.
  • SSP: Deal Editing
    • Publishers can change a non-preferred single buyer to a non-preferred multi buyer (or vice versa) Deal Type after it was created allowing for more flexibility on the platform.
  • Ad Server: Tag-based Demand Workflow Updates
    • This update took a complex workflow and simplified it so that users can create new tag-based demand integrations directly in a self-service capacity. This simplification will save users time and make it easier to set up this type of demand.
  • Ad Server: Date Range and Dayparting Separation
    • The Time Range section was replaced with separate Date and Time selectors in several key areas and Dayparting capabilities were added in various areas to improve clarity and ease of use for the end user.

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