Last updated: May 20, 2022

Number of Securities in Issue
Tremor International Ltd (formerly ‘Taptica International Ltd.’) was admitted to the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange on May 28, 2014. The Company was subsequently admitted to the Global Market of the NASDAQ stock exchange on June 18, 2021. Tremor International’s issued share capital consists of 153,412,924 Ordinary Shares with a nominal value of NIS 0.01 each, along with 33,336,466 shares reclassified as dormant shares under the Israeli Companies Law (without any rights attached thereto). The total number of shares not in public hands is 109,948,404 representing 58.9%* of the total issued share capital. There are no restrictions on the transfer of the company’s shares.

Major Shareholders (3% or above)

Shareholder Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of Issued Ordinary Share Capital
Mithaq Capital SPC 34,028,700 22.2%
Toscafund Asset Management 21,659,163 14.1%
Schroder Investment Management 15,456,133 10.1%
News Corp 8,525,323 5.6%
JB Capital Partners 5,561,531 3.6%
Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management 5,209,121 3.4%
Interactive Investor 4,938,252 3.2%
River & Mercantile Asset Management 4,918,920 3.2%

*As defined by the AIM Rules for Companies, shares not in public hands includes shares held by Directors of the Company and all shareholders with over 10% of the total voting rights of the company.

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