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Tremor International Q2 2023 IR Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to bring you the Q2 2023 edition of the Tremor International IR Newsletter. Please note, all financial information related to Tremor International in this newsletter refers to results generated and disclosed through our Q1 2023 earnings release. Q1 2023 results include the combined results of Tremor International and Amobee while Q1 2022 results do not include Amobee.

Q2 2023 was an incredibly exciting and important quarter for the Company highlighted by innovative first-to-market product launches, significant progress on the final stages of the Amobee integration and the unification and rebranding of the major products and platforms within our portfolio as Nexxen.

Starting with the latter, we were incredibly excited to recently announce the rebranding of the products and platforms within our portfolio as Nexxen. This represents a key milestone in finalizing the integration of Amobee and marks the culmination of unifying the Company under a single name following several acquisitions, multiple public listings, and many major global events and economic shifts. A palindrome, the name Nexxen is a nod to the horizontal nature of our platform while also borrowing from the Latin “nectere,” meaning to “connect” or “bind”. We believe the new name encapsulates our capacity to link disparate parts and form something future-facing and impactful, and fully conveys the value of our unified technology stack, paving the way for our next phase of growth. Moving forward Tremor Video, Amobee, Unruly, and Spearad will operate as the Nexxen DSP, Nexxen SSP, and Nexxen Ad Server, respectively, with the Nexxen SSP and Nexxen Ad Server collectively going to market as Nexxen CTRL. The Company also intends to change the listed Tremor International Ltd. parent company name to Nexxen International Ltd. subject to a vote at the Company’s upcoming Annual General Meeting and does not currently anticipate any changes to its Ordinary share or ADR structure, or CUSIP, ISIN, or SEDOL codes.

Keeping with the theme of connectivity, we were also incredibly pleased to launch our cross-platform planner which enables broadcasters, advertisers, and agencies to plan campaigns holistically and simultaneously across both linear TV and CTV. This is a product we were able to create as a result of capabilities gained through our acquisition of Amobee and believe this is a first-of-its-kind technology the industry has been seeking for years to overcome a historically manual and tedious task and reduce deduplication to better gauge true reach across both formats. Major advertisers, agencies and broadcasters are currently involved in extensive testing of the product, and we’re excited about the traction we’ve seen commercially to this point. In Q2, we also announced a partnership with Scope3 to bring Scope3’s carbon emission measurement methodology to CTV inventory; a first for the industry. Through the Nexxen SSP, buyers can access Green Media Product (“GMP”) curated deals – powered by Scope3 data – across premium display, video and now, CTV, to achieve performance goals while mapping and measuring the carbon emissions of their media spend.

During Q2, we also reported Q1 2023 results highlighted by significant market share gains within CTV (despite well-known market challenges), and pivotal progress on the integration of Amobee on both the sales and product fronts. 

Key highlights and achievements in Q1 2023:

  • Generated $21.3 million in CTV revenue (+34% year-over-year and a Q1 record)
  • Generated $62.5 million in Programmatic revenue (+6% year-over-year and a Q1 record)
  • Expanded CTV revenue to 34% of Programmatic revenue (27% in Q1 2022)
  • Expanded Programmatic revenue to 87% of revenue (73% in Q1 2022)
  • Completed our $20 million Ordinary share repurchase program - investing $95 million in Ordinary shares from 03/01/2022 – 03/31/2023 (repurchased ~19.4 million Ordinary shares, or 13% of shares outstanding, during the period)
  • Added 45 new actively spending first-time advertiser customers and 62 new supply partners (MediaHub also added the Nexxen SSP as a preferred SSP)
  • Launched a new partnership with TCL FFALCON granting advertisers leveraging the Nexxen DSP access to TCL FFALCON’s ad units on premium CTV/OTT inventory in the TCL Channel, providing advertisers the ability to deliver impactful ads to audiences across the U.S., Europe, and APAC
  • Unified and enhanced the combined sales team including combining all key platforms and processes, providing advanced sales team training, and creating sales collateral and customer education materials
  • Migrated Tremor Video’s CTV & video buying algorithms and managed business to the Nexxen DSP (the Company intends to sunset the Tremor Video DSP) 
  • Maintained a strong net cash balance of $89.1 million as of 03/31/2023 (while also leaving $80 million undrawn on the Company’s revolving credit facility)
  • Maintained full year 2023 Contribution ex-TAC and Adjusted EBITDA guidance (~$400 million Contribution ex-TAC & Adjusted EBITDA in a range of $140 - $145 million)

As we look ahead to the second half of 2023, we remain confident in our positioning within the industry and are excited to near the finish line of the Amobee integration at a time when we’ve recently unified the Company’s products, platforms, teams, and processes under the Nexxen brand. Against a continued challenging macroeconomic environment, we are confident that the strategic investments we’ve made in CTV-related product development, the unification of our sales team and platforms, our horizontal operating model and technology infrastructure, our enriched data footprint and differentiated capabilities, and our strong and unique partnerships with major and fast-growing CTV operating systems and smart TV OEMs position us well to capitalize on growth trends now, and in the future of digital advertising and converged linear and Connected TV.  

We hope you find this newsletter helpful and, as always, if you have any questions, any feedback, or if you’re interested in connecting with the investor relations team or management, please reach out to or

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Thank you!

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Nexxen DSP Platform Enhancements

During Q2, we made several enhancements to our DSP platform as we continue to improve the user experience, workflows, and pricing efficiencies for our customers.

  • DSP UX enhancements included standardized naming conventions for navigation as well as aesthetic updates such as color and font changes to improve readability.
  • Added creative bulk upload optionality to give clients the option to leverage a new creative bulk upload file or allow them to upload an ad server tag sheet.
  • Launched inventory cost optimization for managed service DSP users (for now) which allows them to purchase video inventory at a lower price while maintaining performance and pacing of their campaigns.
  • Support for advanced creative units built by our in-house Nexxen Studio directly within the DSP.

Driving Incremental Value for Customers Through Data and Supply Curation

During the quarter we invested heavily in bringing together our data and supply assets to provide our clients with more compelling portfolio options that meet their business challenges. From TV fragmentation, to minimizing the carbon footprint of a campaign, to measuring attention, we’ve introduced solutions to help address each of these and more!

  • Relaunched our TV Intelligence solution to expand the offering beyond just TV targeting and measurement, and to also encompass our TV planning and unique media activations that are now available due to the combined company assets and the integration of the TV data sets into our Nexxen Discovery platform.
  • Expanded our TV Content solution to include language targeting (English and Spanish) and 5 more genres (Auto, Fashion, LGBTQ, Pets, and Romance).
  • Launched a first-to-market offering for CTV with Scope3 (a leader in decarbonization solutions), which allows us to offer customers ‘green media’ curated supply packages via Nexxen SSP.  These inventory packages have a lower carbon footprint as measured by Scope3. We are the first company to offer this for CTV and can also extend to OLV and display.
  • Complementing our green media curated deals, we were also one of the first DSPs to support Scope3’s Climate Shield segments, which is a pre-bid targeting to buying lower carbon supply seamlessly within the DSP.
  • Partnered with DoubleVerify as a launch partner for their Universal Attention pre-bid segments which identify inventory that is most likely to garner the highest viewer attention. This targeting can be activated directly within the DSP.
  • Enabled support for Smart Contextual PMP deals on Nexxen SSP which provides our third-party DSP customers with contextual segment activation that is backed by insights from our Nexxen Discovery platform as an alternative to standard off-the-shelf third-party contextual segments.
  • Launched support for Smart Contextual Performance Targets, which allows DSP users to create automatic contextual targets based on previous campaign success.

Nexxen SSP & Ad Server Enhancements

In Q2, there were a variety of enhancements made to both the SSP UI and the Ad Server to help with customer education via our new Help Center and the addition of new features that unlock expanded monetization capabilities.

  • Launched a help center within Nexxen CTRL to provide publishers with information on "What's New" with the latest feature releases and platform updates, and sections for FAQs, getting started, how-to articles, report overviews, and a glossary.
  • Enhanced CTRL traffic source and placement feature to allow users to choose to set up 'Open Market Only' demand which enables the ability to separate OMP and PMP demand into different placements.
  • Enabled oRTB inbound request support within the Ad Server to support integrations with new and different clients as well as expand current relationships with existing ones.
  • Support for Schain in the Ad Server which allows for more information about a publisher’s inventory to pass via oRTB requests and tags, providing more transparency to buyers about what they are buying.


During the second quarter, we continued to refine and enhance our U.S. TV Planning tools by expanding the planning capabilities to reflect the ongoing linear to digital TV viewing shifts, improving reporting automation for post reports, and streamlining workflows for our customers.

  • Added support for planning against Video on Demand (VOD) / Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) inventory that is missing granular pixel data/signals within our Cross-platform (XP) planner. This is a differentiator in the industry.
  • Enhanced the Cross-platform (XP) Proposal Output including:
    1. Bringing linear and digital outputs to parity, ensuring comparable levels of information in proposal outputs, and includes the introduction of a new Digital Summary tab that details digital-specific campaign configuration like budgets and allocation rules. This provides greater clarity for users.
    2. Added incremental linear metrics proposal outputs including Linear Incremental Reach, Linear Incremental Reach %, Linear Incremental Reach Share % and Linear Incremental Lift. This allows users to get a more holistic view of both linear and digital outputs.
  • Enabled the capability to automatically add reach to post reports for Nielsen clients, which creates a better and more seamless user experience.
  • Added specific ad load rule configuration to remove the risk of over allocation to programming with unique scheduling, allowing broadcasters to better monetize this inventory.
  • Updated error messaging for proposal failures by differentiating between true errors and zero allocation outcomes, which will improve user workflows.

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